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What's the difference between QHHT and BQH and Introspective Hypnosis?

This is a very common question. I decided to create a video to explain this for those of you that don't like to read.

QHHT - Is a quantum hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon that utilizes past-life regression and asking questions (max of 20) from the client to the subconscious (higher self, collective consciousness). A body scan is also requested of the higher self to heal any issues that it finds or that the client might be asking about.

Introspective Hypnosis - is a quantum hypnosis technique that heals traumatic memories that are causing health/emotional issues for the person in this life or coming from a past life. No questions are asked of the subconscious. It can be done in person or remote via video conference.

BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing - is a quantum hypnosis technique that allows the practitioner to use their own combination of techniques and energy healing. Intention is used as a main driver in this hypnosis technique. It can be done in person or online.

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