Even though I graduated as an engineer 25 or so years ago and worked as a project manager for the last 25 years in several Fortune 500 companies, I felt I wasn't helping humanity in my corporate career. I decided I wanted to make a difference in the world.


I started my quantum hypnosis journey four years ago with QHHT. With over 120 sessions completed, I'm currently working on my Level 3 certification and I"m super excited about it!

I am not only certified in QHHT, I'm also a certified Introspective Hypnosis hypnotist and a PSYCH-K facilitator, which sets me apart from other practitioners.​ My goal is for you to leave my office transformed. If  you are not happy with your hypnosis session, I will give you a one-hour PSYCH-K balance session for FREE.


I am committed to activating your sacred purpose, dissolving the limiting beliefs that are holding you from your dreams, so you can live an empowered life you love.

(Yo hablo Español y hago sesiones en Español.)




(Past Life Regression is part of this technique)

Dolores Cannon developed this very powerful hypnosis technique. We review past-lives and ask questions to the client's higher self.  


Trained by Alba Weinman and Antonio Sangio.  This is another powerful hypnosis technique that employs the power of forgiveness (doesn't ask questions to the higher self).  

BQH (Beyond Quantum Hypnosis)

(Past Life Regression can be part of this technique)

This is hypnosis that uses several different hypnosis modalities but are conducted online (via Zoom conference) instead of in-person.

If you have been affected by COVID, you can pay whatever you can.


Life Coaching Session

Quite often people want direction in their lives and they don't know how to go about it; how to live more awakened lives. I help and guide you using my intuition and my pendulum. Using the pendulum, we are able to get answers to many questions that come up during the conversation.

In addition, I help you understand how to turn around the negative happenings in your life for a more fulfilling, happy life.

This is also a good option for those that want to talk about their alien abduction experiences but feel they are too scared to have a hypnosis session or have no one to talk to about their experiences. 


With this service, you can transform beliefs that you are not aware of that are sabotaging your life into creating the life you dream about. Ready to get started? Click either one of the buttons below to book a session..

Wandering Traveler

I have a question before booking!




My session was an incredibly transformative and comfortable experience.  I'm so grateful for the commitment and care Elisa put into helping me from the first moment I spoke to her.  She's a gifted healer and not only allowed me to connect to my higher self, but also experience a past life.  I was able to regress effortlessly with her guidance.  She helped me release emotional and trauma blockages from my past - this process helped me heal at a spiritual level and I am so grateful for that.  Elisa helped me reconnect to my purpose in life and I'm happy to say that ever since the session, I have felt so much light enter my life.  Thank you so much for this beautiful gift!


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